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Mum – Is that another vintage tablecloth? You know your children will never keep that clean.

Me- I know, I know. I’m going to add it to my fabric stash.

Mum – You mean the random piles of fabric threatening to engulf the spare room?

Me-  No. The carefully selected collections of fabric that I’m saving from a life in the charity shop.

Mum – Oh dear, did you forget to hand wash that wool jumper?

Me – No, I’ve shrunk it on purpose to make into purses and other such things.

Mum – what about this tiny scrap of fabric? Shall I just put in the bin?

Me – Nooooooo,  one day I’ll find the perfect colour combination or style and give all these forgotten bits of fabric a new life.

Mum – Yes dear.


Ha Ha, with the addition of a badge machine and a plan I’m finally turning the fabric mountain into lovely things.  Told you mum.


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